A-1 Concrete Inc provides Concord, Massachusetts commercial and residential clients with quality concrete flatwork

We offer a wide variety of residential concrete services such as seamless stamped concrete, brushed concrete, pool decks, pool surrounds, paths, walkways, steps, patios, and more to help you create the perfect addition to your property’s landscape!

We also offer commercial and industrial services as a concrete contractor. Some of the typical work we do are building surrounds, tank mats, drive mats, dumpster pads, sidewalks, floors, handicap ramps, slabs and more.


Stamped Concrete

Stamped A1 Concrete Pool Deck Patio Design Concord Massachusetts

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Adding beautiful stamped concrete work to your property is not only appealing, but also very efficient and cost effective!

With stamped concrete in Concord, Massachusetts, you can mimic the looks of cobblestone, brick, tile, cracked earth, slate, and many more other distinct and even unique designs. The best part about stamping these designs, rather than having a real stone, slate or bricks, is that they will last a lifetime. Hiring a professional to create real stone patios, walkways, etc will look great at first, but over time, the stones and bricks settle, crack, and create an uneven surfaces that need to be repaired often. Not only is having stamped concrete cheaper than real stone initially, you won’t have to hire us to come back and fix it all the time. In all, it is much more cost effective.

Stamped A1 Concrete Pool Deck Patio Design Colored Concord Massachusetts

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck with Colored Brushed Concrete Accents

The best part about regular or stamped concrete, besides the beauty of it, is that you can also customize it!

You have the option of starting with the standard concrete color, or having a specific color mixed in with the concrete. With this method, you’ll be able to create beautiful colors that are mixed directly into the concrete and will last a lifetime! Create bold patterns and color schemes!

Alternatively, we also offer colored mold release powder which is a type surface dye. This is added to the surface of the concrete before stamping, and is then powerwashed once the concrete is dry. The color of the dye stays inside the cracks and other embossed areas which contrasts the color of the concrete and brings out the natural detail of the design with natural looking shadows and highlights!

Of course, you could always choose both. We are only limited by your imagination!


Brushed Concrete

Brushed A1 Concrete Pool Deck Patio Concord MA

Brushed Concrete Pool Deck

Even though we specialize in beautiful stamped concrete work, we also offer traditional brushed concrete work as well in Concord, Massachusetts. Whether it is your pool deck, walkway, driveway, or patio, a simple traditional brushed concrete look is always great!


Concrete Sealer and Weatherproofing

Stamped A1 Concrete Pool Deck Patio Design Sealer Massachusetts

Stamped Concrete Before and After Sealer

And, as always, we finish our work with a beautiful sealer, which brings out the colors and details of the concrete and patterns, and protects the concrete from the elements.


Concrete Floors and Slabs

Brushed A1 Concrete Slab Concord Massachusetts

Brushed Concrete Slab


A-1 Concrete Inc not only does a lot of decorative concrete work, but also standard concrete work as well in Concord, Massachusetts. We are capable of forming and pouring concrete slabs for all sorts of applications such as floors, drive mats, tank mats, dumpster pads, handicap ramps, and more. Other popular applications of concrete slabs are garages, garden sheds, greenhouses, air conditioning units, decking, dog kennels, fencing, hot tubs, motor homes, retaining walls, and more!

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